Spring Races

Time for maple sugaring!  You need cold nights, and *warm* days (read, above freezing).  Well, so far we have had one day, yesterday above freezing, but the weather WILL CHANGE!

I did a little race shopping, and I decided my next race is the Great Bay Half Marathon, on April 12.  That isn’t very far away, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and I HAVE TO STOP this floundering that I seem to be doing with my training.  Granted, part of it has been […]

Vaca-week recap

Seriously cold.  So thankful for the fireplace!

We had a “so-so” week in Waterville, NH for our ski get away…Why “so-so”?  Well the stomach bug cycled through our entire family which really put a damper on things…But we are all almost 100%, so that is good! Our first weekend started with the girls and me heading west for a Junior high youth […]


Please stop, I don't want you to get hurt!!

Hello, just a quick entry to fill out the week.  Next week is February vacation and we are taking advantage of the primo ski conditions and heading north for the week– I was able to get in a BEAUTIFUL run yesterday OUTSIDE.   We had a break in our extreme cold and had a few hours […]

Beating cabin fever

No words needed...

Well,  due to the EXTREME cold temperatures cabin fever is beginning to take hold… This was on my phone this morning…   In case you were wondering what -39* feels like, COLD.  It’s your garage door freezing closed.  It’s your eyes watering as soon as you step outside.  Because it was so windy, it even […]

Digging out…


Well, I am still treading water (shoveling snow??) with my training.  To say that it has been a challenge to get in some good runs would be an understatement.  We have been bombarded by more of the white stuff today (18″, blizzard conditions), but we still have power. I wanted to share a few photos, […]

Back on track…


I finally feel like I am back on the right track here.  I am feeling much better, and so is everyone else in my family.  That was a rough stretch!  I don’t usually get sick, but I guess when you add in lack of sleep, and stress–you have the ingredients for a big one! Anyway!  […]

When to rest and when to run when sick…

The Beast!

We have all been there, stuck with a cold feeling miserable, but feeling even more miserable because we are missing workouts.  I have found myself this past January (and now into February) in that scenario. I no sooner got better from the first cold that I had, when I caught the next strain which had circulated […]


IMG_0193 (2)

Did you enjoy the game this weekend?  We did, but it wasn’t as fun as we thought it would be as 3 of the 5 of us were sick with colds/fevers…Yep, I seem to have the next strain of whatever is going around! I thought I would share some pictures when I went to the […]

Snowshoe 101…

The BIG cleats, please note, I did have them on the correct feet when I wore them... :)

Good morning!  It is great to have a Thursday morning that feels like a Monday!  We ended up having 2 snow days.  However, I have 2 of my kids home sick today.  (That is 4 down in our family, one to go with this cold/cough/fever thing).  Perhaps, I should just have Delaney share a cup […]



Just a quick check in today.  We are in the middle of a blizzard day.  That means no school, however my kids have virtual snow days.  That means their work is sent to them online–at least 3 hours of it.  *Poof*  the magic of a snow day disappears!  That means I have to wait my […]