18. DONE!


Sunday morning I got up at “still way too dark o’clock” to knock out 18 miles before my music rehearsal for church.  That is 0400 hours in military speak.  Holy moly.  Because it was threatening thunderstorms (really, at that early!) I decided to get on the treadmill.  Hey, I might as well get my money’s […]

Will Run For…

Lots of food allergies on the team--no nuts, gluten, chocolate...

Yesterday with the kids in cross country we did an incentive practice.  We had a lot of “breakthroughs” in our last meet with a couple of the kids who had never run 2 miles without stopping.  They completed the whole 2 mile race with no rest breaks!  At the beginning of the season I tell the kids that when they […]

Catching up…

These were some of my favorite magnets...

I still feel like I am bouncing back from the whirlwind of Reach the Beach.  It is kind of like taking a vacation, minus the beach chairs and frilly drinks…For 30 or so hours, you are in your own little “RTB World” where time is dealt with in cycles of 5 hours, and mile splits […]

We Reached the Beach! Race recap


Well, it was a great, fun, tiring weekend!  The weather was PERFECT!  It was about 65* on Friday, Friday night/Saturday am was about 48*, and then it warmed up to about 55-60* by mid-day on Saturday. Our start time for REACH THE BEACH was 8:45am, so we left our team meeting place at 5am, drove […]

Fit to be Tied!


I am trying to pack for Reach the Beach.  Packing gives me such anxiety!  I think it is the fear of forgetting something, and the finality of an event for which I have waited and trained for such a long time.  I started pulling things out to get ready, and the butterflies started!  I can’t […]

Picture Post


It is a busy week.  So here is my first attempt at a post all in pictures…   Are you racing this weekend? Have you ever traveled for a race?      

Weekend Rambles


Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I was SO excited that football started this weekend, then, well, apparently the Patriots didn’t get the memo.  It was a discouraging season opener, but in the broadcaster’s never ending availability of statistics, they reported that the last time the Pats lost their season opener; they […]



Thank God It’s Friday!  I was going to say this first full week back at school was a rough one, but it was only a 4 day week–bummer.  Everyone has been handling all the changes well, you can just see it is wearing thin on everyone, myself included.  We have to get used to the […]

Hill Repeats


Thank you for the encouraging words yesterday.  I was prepared for the hard work of marathon training, but I didn’t think I would get this emotionally invested in my goal! I decided to do the hill repeat workout instead of the track workout because Reach the Beach is 9 days away!  I have quite a […]

Is This A Realistic Goal??


I have had my doubts all along as to whether or not BQ is a realistic goal for me.  For my age, the I would have to break 3:45.  That number is freaking me out.  I have been following a training program for a marathon, and have been good about sticking to the plan, and […]