Wallis Sands Half Marathon Recap

It was the first time I had my name on my bib!

Happy Monday!  I ran the Wallis Sands Half Marathon on Sunday, and it was a great day for a race.  I signed up for this race with somewhat of a vindictive nature after running The Great Bay Half in April.  Maybe you can recall the course was a challenging, hilly course, and I was somewhat underprepared.  […]

Weekly workouts

You can see where I was lost...and the trail became challenging!

With marathon training just around the corner, it is time that I become more accountable with my training.  So this is what I was up to with my workouts… Sunday:  Mother’s Day.  I was supposed to do a long run, and to be honest with you, I played the Mother’s Day card and DID NOT […]

Who Do You Run For????


Who Do You Run For??? Late last year I signed up for an amazing group called “IRUN4″.  It is a non-profit group which pairs runners with buddies who have a special need.  Runners dedicate their races, miles and workouts to their buddy, but most importantly build a relationship with their buddy.  After being on the […]

My favorites

There was a distracting bumble bee...

I was tagged a while ago to write a post about my running favorites…My apologies for the delay!  Here it is… My favorite time of the day to run… In a perfect world, I would say, right after I woke up…If I could sleep in until maybe 7am.  But, this does NOT happen.  My alarm […]

Catch up!


I haven’t posted in a while–so it is time to catch up!  One of the biggest reasons is that I have had computer trouble… Last week started with a hike on Sunday.  My youngest, Lily, had a birthday party near one of my favorite hikes–Mt. Major.   It is a scenic, short, decent hike.  I was hoping […]

Upcoming races…


As usual, I am a little late getting to the ball game road race with my upcoming race plan…After a fun, albeit quick visit from my sister-in-law this weekend, I am ready to make a commitment to a fall marathon! We are going to register for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 7.  It took […]

Lessons learned…

Photo courtesy of Boston Globe

No.  I didn’t run Boston.  Not this year anyway.  I guess you could say that this is officially DAY 3 of training for Boston 2016!  I am SO excited to race next year!  It was with much anticipation that I watched and re-watched the race this year.  I tuned in live and ran on the […]

Boston Strong!


The kids and I went into Boston yesterday for a day trip to the JFK Library/Museum.  It was really an interesting visit, very inspiring, and it was a great day to wander around Boston for a bit. I highly recommend this visiting the JFK Presidential Library.  We all learned a lot.  I wouldn’t recommend it […]

Great Bay Half Marathon


Well, I FINALLY ran a race that wasn’t cancelled!  It was a BEAUTIFUL day–64* and sunny.  Let me tell you after the winter/spring that we had, it felt HOT!  It was the first time I ran this season with shorts and a short sleeve shirt.  Considering I didn’t run on Thursday because of snow, it […]

Random thoughts…

Crazy sock day for spring track...

I am still working on catching up with you all, I thought I would lump a bunch of random thoughts together… Spring Track has started!  It hasn’t really felt like spring here, but we have started practice.  It is always fun to work with the kids (5-8th grade).  We are doing our best to improvise, […]