Saunders at Rye Harbor 10k


Well I made it through the 10k last night.  I don’t know why, but I was pretty nervous.  I think it was because I felt the need to try and beat my time last year, and I didn’t think I could–mostly because I am coming off of 2 weeks of challenging runs due to busy […]

The week in review


Somewhere between concerts (Soulfest) and mission trips, I managed to get confused on what week I am in with training.  This could be that I am just using the magazine page, and that I didn’t transpose it onto a calendar (I am taking this “it’s summer and I am carefree thing” a bit too far). […]

Home, sweet home!


Hello!  My running this week has fallen short by 10 miles (I had 2 unplanned rest days.)  But I am hoping to be back on track tomorrow. The kids and I made it back this afternoon after spending 4 days down in Boston on a servant event trip.  I was one of 3 chaperones taking […]

Tuesdays at the track…


Happy Tuesday!  I was fortunate enough to get in my track workout this morning before the thunderstorms rolled in…The storms started literally on my way home in the car! After my double run on Saturday, I did a 12.5 mile bike ride instead of a 3 mile shakeout run.  I still don’t know if that […]

Recovery for a double run.

Can you tell she is hot???

Hiya!  Saturday I had my second double run of the training  cycle (6+7).  I was not looking forward to it.  My “internal” alarm went off at 6am and after a 1/2 cup of cafe au lait,  I was out the door by 630 for run #1.  It was  a comfortable 62*, but 86% humidity.  Not […]


That seagull was trying to get my PBJ sandwich.  WHY DOES PBJ TASTE SO GOOD AT THE BEACH???

Well summer weather has really been in full swing here.  New Hampshire just logged in its first heat wave (3 consecutive days above 90*) in 2 years!  I know some of you are probably laughing at that, but it’s what your body is used to, right?  I was chiding myself this morning for sleeping in […]

Getting back into the swing of things…


Hello, long-time no-post.  I kind of fell out of the routine, with our whole “it’s-summer-we-don’t-have-much-of-routine-thing” going on…We had a lot of life happening around here. All good.  Our anniversary (23 YEARS!!), more family visitors, Dave’s birthday.. I have been logging in the miles, and training is going well.  I am having a challenging time getting […]

Kensington Festival 5k


Well, I guess it is time for my first race of marathon training season.  My plan has races built in, as my mileage increases, so do the length of the races. This one falls 2 weeks early, but because it was in my town, I couldn’t pass it up. It was a nice day for […]

Indy Week 3

It's not a glamorous space, but it works!

We had an extremely busy week with a LOT of driving back and forth to my parents’ house to celebrate their 50th anniversary.  It was GREAT to see family, and the kids had a ball with their cousins.  I have to say I did fit all my runs in this week.  I was proud of […]

Indy–week 2

Applecrest Farm--homemade ice cream.  I had strawberry.  So good!

Week 2 is already in the books.  So far, so good. As you will see I haven’t gotten into the thick of it yet, which is fine by me! Sunday: 3  miles. 8:21 pace. Shake out run. Monday: 5 Pace miles. 7:59 average pace.  2 miles warm-up. 2 miles (7:25, 7:45), one mile cool down 8:20. […]