What I learned from running a marathon…


What I learned from running a marathon… Fueling is important.  13+ half swallows of water or Gatorade do not cut it.  WALK through those aid stations…hydrate and fuel EARLY in the race.  If you wait until you feel it, it’s too late! The  final 6.2 miles, have a life of their own.  Mentally, it’s not […]

You might be a runner if…


I know this is nothing new, but I feel like getting in a few chuckles today as I am still quite sore and really can’t think about doing an actual run for several days! For something fun let’s make a list.  I will start, everyone add on in the comments!  Have fun!   YOU MIGHT […]



Day 2 post marathon:   My legs, specifically my quads, are sore.  The kids are enjoying snickering at me hobbling around the house.  I am quietly cursing the stairs every time I have to ascend/descend…The laundry is upstairs-errr! We have a family joke about my races–a scale for how challenging they are for me.  My daughters’ […]

Loco Marathon Recap!


Well, as you read in yesterday’s post–I did it!  3:41:54.  BQ.  It feels great.  (Well, in full disclosure, MENTALLY I feel great–physically, I feel like I was hit by a truck!)  Here’s the recap… I had many reasons to be really nervous for this marathon: It was my first It had qualifying standards to get […]

I Did It!

At the start! Hi, Dave!

3:41:54!  I am officially a marathoner, AND I officially qualified for Boston! Race recap tomorrow! Thank you for the well wishes and support!

7/28/84 to10/26/14. Marathon dreams…


On the way home from dropping off my kids at school this morning, I stopped at the store for some more milk.   The expiration date on the milk  was 10/31.  As I read the date my stomach clenched in fear and excitement, and my heart skipped a beat.  Not about the milk, but about the […]

Here’s the plan…

I am now officially 5 days away from the marathon.  My calf continues to bother me.  I took 3 days off last week.  I ran 5 miles on Sunday, and 0 today, so let’s just say I am taking the taper to the extreme. (YES, I am freaking out about this!)  I have only 2 […]

What do you do with your race numbers?


A couple of days ago Hungry Runner Girl asked, “What do you do with your old race numbers?”  Well, I am NOT a saver.   I have saved one bib (or so I thought) from my 32 mile race.  The rest usually end up in the garbage.  But the question got me thinking;  I could make something […]


At my feet by the desk, for about an hour.  She didn't even stir when I took the picture!

OK, so I am cheap.  I was going to join Planet Fitness yesterday to use the elliptical.  I checked online before I went, and found out it is NOT just $10/month.  There is a $39.00 activation fee.  That was just a little too pricey for me for probably 3-4 workouts, so I opted to take […]

Lessons I have learned from marathon training…


  As I am now fully in “Taper Town” I have had more time on my hands to look back and reflect on my marathon training.  I have been running for MANY years, but this will be my first marathon.  I trained heavily 2 years ago for an ultra in which I completed 32 miles […]