What a difference a day makes!


This was Friday, from the trails looking back up at the house… This was Saturday, from the house looking down to the trails…which is now a sledding hill.  Lily and I worked on it.  We hauled a lot of snow from the driveway to make the “walls”.  We only had about 6″, but we wanted […]

On the road again…


I am still feeling kind of miserable, but I decided it was time to get back out there.  Truth be told, I was having an extreme case of “run withdrawal” and felt like if I could get out and log in even one mile, it would be a step in the right direction!  I was […]

An unscheduled week off…


Yes, I disappeared from the blog and running for a week.  My dad was taken by ambulance to the ER and was in ICU for 3 days, and the regular unit for 1 day, so I was back and forth down to MA and back to be with him and my mom and take care […]

Yasso 800’s. A variation on a theme


Good morning.  I was greeted with perfect workout weather, 65* no wind…Just kidding, that was the weather in the basement.  Time for the treadmill!   After reading Janae’s post about Yasso 800’s, I was inspired to incorporate the “theme” into my workout.  You can read about Yasso 800’s in Runner’s World here. Basically, when marathon training, using […]

The weather outside is frightful…


Well, it was 4 miles on the treadmill yesterday at 8:34 pace.  Nothing spectacular, but enough to get the job done.  It was 9*, and the temperature was falling…”a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do”. I did get a bit of cross training in lifting a 8′ Christmas tree up 2 flights of […]

Best-laid plans of mice and men…


Well, we made it through the first day back to routine after a whirlwind of a vacation.  It was not without its speed bumps.  I thought I was being quite responsible by packing my running bag the night before, making lunches, making sure everyone had all their school gear organized and ready to go.  I […]

Happy 2015!


I was a little behind over the holidays with my blog!  We had quite a whirlwind vacation!  I hope you all had fun, meaningful celebrations with family and friends.  We sure did!  My kids were able to see 13 of their cousins, grandparents, aunts uncles, friends…it was wonderful.  I am sorry that it is over, […]

Strava misses…


I haven’t posted in a while…all I can say, is it is a busy time of year!  When I have time to blog, I find the kids using the computer for homework…Homework definitely trumps blogging I have a confession to make.  I have been taking Strava a bit too seriously.  It all started around Thanksgiving, […]

A birthday, some baking and a photo bomb…


This post is brought to you by the letter B. It was a busy, emotional week.  Glad to be back!  Here is a little photo dump of the past couple of days… Let’s start with Hunter’s birthday. 15. Oh my!  So proud of you Hunter!  Love you!  There is an interesting story about the cake.  I […]

U-turn and Turkey trot…


Happy December 2!  Yes, I was MIA for a few days–we’ve had a lot going on here!  This will be a “catch-up” post! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  The kids and I drove down to my parent’s house on Tuesday to try and beat the snow, and the traffic.  We had a 50% […]