Indy–week 2

Applecrest Farm--homemade ice cream.  I had strawberry.  So good!

Week 2 is already in the books.  So far, so good. As you will see I haven’t gotten into the thick of it yet, which is fine by me! Sunday: 3  miles. 8:21 pace. Shake out run. Monday: 5 Pace miles. 7:59 average pace.  2 miles warm-up. 2 miles (7:25, 7:45), one mile cool down 8:20. […]

Here’s the Plan!

Well used, I will write the plan out on a calendar.  In pencil, on paper, because I am old school... :)

I decided to use the same marathon training program as last year, with a few changes and tweaks.  The program is from Runner’s World, July 2014.  The program is made up by Doug Kurtis.  He has broken 3 hours 200 times in the marathon, in 5 separate decades…Turning to the same magazine (yes, I lovingly […]

Indianapolis training: week 1


Sunday:  8.8 mile bike ride.  Yes, you read that correctly!  I am trying to cross train more, so I started off the week with a ride.  The real decision was made because it was the afternoon and I hadn’t run yet, and it was hot.  That made the bike look significantly more appealing!  It wasn’t […]

a little of this and that…


Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS day.  I started off taking the dogs for a quick walk in the morning.  Then the day kind of got away from me for a bit, and I didn’t get in a bike ride (cross training day!).  I ended up riding immediately after dinner for 9 miles.  It didn’t feel […]

Marathon Training: Day 1


Well here it is, day one, blank slate, the first day of training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon!  (November 7).  I am excited to begin this journey, and am ready to be back to the discipline of a plan!  I decided to use the same training plan as last time–It was one I serendipitously found in the […]

Hello, again!


I have been terrible about posting.  Things have been busy here, with the end of the school year push.  All the kids are finished on Tuesday (whew!), although Hunter finishes today… Here is what we have been up to… Oh the driving…I am SO READY to be finished with school.  These past couple of weeks […]

Wallis Sands Half Marathon Recap

It was the first time I had my name on my bib!

Happy Monday!  I ran the Wallis Sands Half Marathon on Sunday, and it was a great day for a race.  I signed up for this race with somewhat of a vindictive nature after running The Great Bay Half in April.  Maybe you can recall the course was a challenging, hilly course, and I was somewhat underprepared.  […]

Weekly workouts

You can see where I was lost...and the trail became challenging!

With marathon training just around the corner, it is time that I become more accountable with my training.  So this is what I was up to with my workouts… Sunday:  Mother’s Day.  I was supposed to do a long run, and to be honest with you, I played the Mother’s Day card and DID NOT […]

Who Do You Run For????


Who Do You Run For??? Late last year I signed up for an amazing group called “IRUN4″.  It is a non-profit group which pairs runners with buddies who have a special need.  Runners dedicate their races, miles and workouts to their buddy, but most importantly build a relationship with their buddy.  After being on the […]

My favorites

There was a distracting bumble bee...

I was tagged a while ago to write a post about my running favorites…My apologies for the delay!  Here it is… My favorite time of the day to run… In a perfect world, I would say, right after I woke up…If I could sleep in until maybe 7am.  But, this does NOT happen.  My alarm […]