7/28/84 to10/26/14. Marathon dreams…


On the way home from dropping off my kids at school this morning, I stopped at the store for some more milk.   The expiration date on the milk  was 10/31.  As I read the date my stomach clenched in fear and excitement, and my heart skipped a beat.  Not about the milk, but about the […]

Here’s the plan…

I am now officially 5 days away from the marathon.  My calf continues to bother me.  I took 3 days off last week.  I ran 5 miles on Sunday, and 0 today, so let’s just say I am taking the taper to the extreme. (YES, I am freaking out about this!)  I have only 2 […]

What do you do with your race numbers?


A couple of days ago Hungry Runner Girl asked, “What do you do with your old race numbers?”  Well, I am NOT a saver.   I have saved one bib (or so I thought) from my 32 mile race.  The rest usually end up in the garbage.  But the question got me thinking;  I could make something […]


At my feet by the desk, for about an hour.  She didn't even stir when I took the picture!

OK, so I am cheap.  I was going to join Planet Fitness yesterday to use the elliptical.  I checked online before I went, and found out it is NOT just $10/month.  There is a $39.00 activation fee.  That was just a little too pricey for me for probably 3-4 workouts, so I opted to take […]

Lessons I have learned from marathon training…


  As I am now fully in “Taper Town” I have had more time on my hands to look back and reflect on my marathon training.  I have been running for MANY years, but this will be my first marathon.  I trained heavily 2 years ago for an ultra in which I completed 32 miles […]

Plan B


I am frustrated.  The calf tightness that I have been having has increased and this morning I am walking with a slight limp.  :/ I took Friday and Saturday off from running and felt GREAT.  I had NO discomfort, tightness–not even first thing in the morning.  Sunday I got up bright and early to get […]

The week in pictures…

Yes, I am a soccer mom! (and proud of it!)  We got a much needed win!  Go Hunter!

I caught a leaf–Legend has it, if you catch a leaf (while running) it is a good omen for your next race.  I wasn’t running, but the girls and I stood in the driveway for 7 minutes attempting to catch leaves.  It was fun.  Even more fun was laughing about it in the car afterwards, […]

Midweek rambles…


I cut my run short yesterday because my calves were sore.  I literally turned around maybe .7 of a mile into the run–not even at a mile marker!  It is better to be safe than sorry.  I did run 2 slow miles with the kids yesterday at practice.  They were having an easy day because […]

ALMOST to the taper…

I kind of felt like this horse is depicted...
This is a statue at the local farm stand in our town.  Amazing, n'est pas?

I got the “official” results from the 1/2…my time was 1:43:48.  Yay! We spent the afternoon/evening after the race enjoying football, dinner and a campfire with friends–so much fun and VERY relaxing.  Later that night I fell asleep watching the Patriots game.  So glad they pulled it together! So I am telling myself after my […]

The last long run is in the books!


I am so excited to have completed my last long run this morning.  I was really doubting my decision to run 7 miles before the half marathon…It was a good decision. Here are the stats… The day was a beautiful day for a race–the wind wasn’t too strong, it was cool and sunny.  I ran […]