Weekend? Was there a weekend??


Where did this weekend go?  It was an interesting one here, that’s for sure. My weekend mindset started on FRIDAY.  Why not?  I decided to get my long run in on Friday, because snow was predicted for Saturday, and I knew Sunday would be busy.  I wasn’t feeling up for getting up early to log in […]

Confessions of a runner junkie…

The quilted wall hanging...

I was inspired to write this post when I was checking in with some of my blogger friends, Meg and Kim.  Meg recently asked, “What things do you suck at?” and Kim asked, “What is your favorite workout?” My answers to Meg’s question were: staying up late, singing, drawing, writing things on my calendar… I almost […]

Comparing running in November & March


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  We don’t do much to celebrate, other than wear some green, so maybe instead of my pink winter outer layer, I will try and find something green for today’s run! I had an interesting run yesterday, which got me thinking about writing this post.  On Sunday we had snow ALL day, […]

Training update

Think Spring

Half marathon training update: It was a good week of training for me.  The weather is significantly warmer (relatively speaking).  The temperatures have been ranging from the 20-40’s for my runs.  The snow is receding from the roadway, so it isn’t as treacherous.  I am starting to think this is a pretty “sweet spot”.  Not […]

Plans: love them or leave them?


Hello!  While I am on my Strava kick, I thought I would share an interesting feature.  Strava has “heat maps” which show how frequently running routes are used in your area.  It can be used to determine the most popular route, which I suppose could be interpreted as “runner friendly”.  This is one from where […]

I FINALLY got my CR!!

A sugar shack.  They cook the syrup with wood for fuel.  It takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.

For those of you who have read my blog for a while know that I have been trying to “gain back” my CR (course record) for a Strava segment which is in a lot of my daily runs.  Well, it is in a lot of my runs when there isn’t ice or snow, so that […]

Spring Races

Time for maple sugaring!  You need cold nights, and *warm* days (read, above freezing).  Well, so far we have had one day, yesterday above freezing, but the weather WILL CHANGE!

I did a little race shopping, and I decided my next race is the Great Bay Half Marathon, on April 12.  That isn’t very far away, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and I HAVE TO STOP this floundering that I seem to be doing with my training.  Granted, part of it has been […]

Vaca-week recap

Seriously cold.  So thankful for the fireplace!

We had a “so-so” week in Waterville, NH for our ski get away…Why “so-so”?  Well the stomach bug cycled through our entire family which really put a damper on things…But we are all almost 100%, so that is good! Our first weekend started with the girls and me heading west for a Junior high youth […]


Please stop, I don't want you to get hurt!!

Hello, just a quick entry to fill out the week.  Next week is February vacation and we are taking advantage of the primo ski conditions and heading north for the week– I was able to get in a BEAUTIFUL run yesterday OUTSIDE.   We had a break in our extreme cold and had a few hours […]

Beating cabin fever

No words needed...

Well,  due to the EXTREME cold temperatures cabin fever is beginning to take hold… This was on my phone this morning…   In case you were wondering what -39* feels like, COLD.  It’s your garage door freezing closed.  It’s your eyes watering as soon as you step outside.  Because it was so windy, it even […]