Strava misses…


I haven’t posted in a while…all I can say, is it is a busy time of year!  When I have time to blog, I find the kids using the computer for homework…Homework definitely trumps blogging I have a confession to make.  I have been taking Strava a bit too seriously.  It all started around Thanksgiving, […]

A birthday, some baking and a photo bomb…


This post is brought to you by the letter B. It was a busy, emotional week.  Glad to be back!  Here is a little photo dump of the past couple of days… Let’s start with Hunter’s birthday. 15. Oh my!  So proud of you Hunter!  Love you!  There is an interesting story about the cake.  I […]

U-turn and Turkey trot…


Happy December 2!  Yes, I was MIA for a few days–we’ve had a lot going on here!  This will be a “catch-up” post! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  The kids and I drove down to my parent’s house on Tuesday to try and beat the snow, and the traffic.  We had a 50% […]

Who wants to finish up 2014 with a running streak???

I like that my socks remind me that I am "Darn Tough"!  It is even better when both socks agree!  :)

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  We now have one day until we leave for Thanksgiving…I kind of feel like I have already checked out, and am ready for vacation mode. I did 4 miles on the treadmill this morning, I used my Garmin and will write a post on its accuracy after the holiday.  […]

In the news…

I read this article from the Runner’s World website.  It is quite the inspirational story. South Sudanese Runner Hoping to Crowdfund His Way to 2016 Olympics   South Sudanese Runner Hoping to Crowdfund His Way to 2016 Olympics Guor Mading Maker ran 2012 Olympic marathon as “Independent Olympic Athlete” but hopes to represent South Sudan […]

The Grass is ALWAYS greener…

Do NOT try to descend the stairs with your cycling shoes on!  When I got them from the garage, I put them on in the kitchen--I am lucky I didn't fall.

Well, yesterday was a cross training day, and because it was cold (about 30*) and icy during my workout slot, I rode my bike on the trainer in the basement.  Folks, I didn’t think it was possible to have a workout WORSE than a treadmill workout.  I WAS WRONG!  I only managed to ride for 30 […]

Treadmill Tuesday

The picture should have the time.  It flashes on the "screen", I took 5 photos in each I missed the time!

Well, the colder weather is definitely upon us.  Yesterday I ran on the treadmill because it was 35* and raining outside–Yuck.   I completed 5 miles with a little speed work.  One mile warm up, 4x800M repeats with 400M recovery, then a mile cool down.  I did 2×800’s in 7:53 and 2×800 in 7:41, recoveries were […]

Weekend Rambles…

Just enough to cover the ground and stir excitement...

I hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was good, albeit short… Friday started with some snow…   After school we stopped at a local garden center, Churchill’s, in Exeter, NH…They have BEAUTIFUL Christmas displays, and we wanted to enjoy some early winter decorations and perhaps become inspired…   I also did a nice, easy […]

Liebster Award, part 2


I am back at it again!  It has been fun to answer these questions from Kristina at  Kristina Blog about Running and Life, Meg at Meg Go Run  and Marie Alessandra at Simple Runner.  Thanks for nominating me, ladies! From Meg… 7.  What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during a run or […]

Liebster Award: part 1


Hey everyone, I was nominated by 2 fellow bloggers for a “Liebster Award”.  Thank you Meg and Kristina! Let me start out by saying, “I would like to thank the Academy, my wonderful husband, my kids…”  Oh wait, it’s not that kind of award!!  (Good, I don’t have a dress…) It’s a kind of “get […]